Custom Builds

While CRISP made its name by creating complete custom build outs for large events, trade shows and festivals, we still love creating small features and custom items for our clients. Need an impact piece for an event space?  Looking for a small batch of customized high end promotional gifts for potential clients?  Maybe the company headquarters needs a conversation piece in the lobby. Our carpenters, fabricators, glass blowers and design team are waiting to hear your ideas.  We’ll be happy to bring them to life or dream something up on your behalf.

Custom Lighting Features -Chandelier

This has been popular hit with our beverage clients. The CRISP team uses product bottles and various assets that your brand already has to create unique lighting solutions. People are naturally drawn to light and now they will be drawn to your brand. CRISP has created three separate designs for Tito’s Handmade Vodka.


Custom Promotional Gift – Bluetooth Ammo Can Speaker

CRISP was commissioned by another local agency to create a unique promotional item for a client, a firearms manufacturer, to give away at an annual trade show. The solution was a bluetooth enabled speaker box made from a .50 caliber ammunition box. Every two hours the client would draw tickets to give away a speaker box, each time a long line formed giving the marketing team ample time to strike up conversations and gather leads.


Custom Furniture – Spirits Chairs

There is so much character in the grain of wood or finishes in metals that are created during the fermenting or distilling process.This makes great materials for creating furniture and fixtures that relate to a brand. CRISP has used charred whiskey barrels, wine staves and various related materials to create one of kind pieces for its clients in the spirits or beverage industry.