Experiential marketing is changing the traditional marketing world as we know it. Also called engagement marketing, this new marketing strategy directly engages consumers in a fun and unique way. Brands all over the world use experiential marketing as a way to get consumers involved in the process of marketing and product development.

Not only does experiential marketing generate media attention and excitement about a brand, but experiential campaigns also offer huge payoffs. In fact, after an experiential marketing event:

  • 74% of attendees say that they have a more favorable opinion about the company, brand, product or service
  • 65% of the consumers surveyed said live events gave them a better understanding of a product or service
  • 98% of attendees feel more inclined to purchase

It’s no wonder that experiential marketing is so successful. This unique approach to marketing entices authentic interactions, media opportunities, unique content, and the chance to gather consumer data. Integrating experiential marketing into your brand’s marketing campaign is a sure fire way to shine a spotlight on your product!

CRISP Experiential Marketing Concepts

Tandem Bicycle

Our custom tandem bicycle is a unique POS or product sampling delivery system. A lightweight frame and bin that allow two band ambassadors to cover a lot of ground at festivals, block parties, tailgates and outdoor events. It has been popular with clients seeking maximize the number of impressions and direct targets to the primary activation location at large events.


As your guests or photographers take pictures at the event, our system uses a unique algorithm to sort, filter and combine them into a larger image. This larger image is a HUGE mosaic that reflects your brand and corporate culture. A digital version can then be shared on a TV screen, projected onto buildings, OR CRISP can print each image in live time that allows event guests to become a part of the creative process by attaching their photo to a wall. This results in a hands on brand experience and art piece that can be hung in the office, board room or given away post event.

Photo Booth Activation & Installations

Photo booths have become a staple at events of all types and sizes. They are a fun and easy way to  establish a bond with guests through a fun interactive experience. With the new technology, data capture and social media integration that our systems include you can gain useful data like product preferences and buying habits while create thousands of impressions and recruiting new micro-influencers with every memory made . We have several styles of photo booths with various features. CRISP Creative executes well over 100 photo booth events for our clients annually. Long term installations and data reports available.

Cloud Machine

Have events guests mesmerized as they watch your logo in the form of a cloud rise and sail over the crowds. Our cloud machine is capable of producing several hundred floating logos during a relatively short event.

Pop-Up Parties

With a solid background in fabrication and the resources that allow you to dream BIG the CRISP team can tackle nearly any custom build task. The temporary bar and pop up party solutions we offer can be as small a closet or as large as shipping container. The are great for festivals or multi-day events.

Mobile Sampling

Choose from one of our existing mobile sampling options or allow our team to design something new for you. Brand ambassadors and promotional talent can be provided in select markets.

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows  showcase a brands insights and innovation within an industry.  With so many technological and creative advances in trade show exhibit design, it would be a shame to let your brand be represented by a roll up sign, basic banner and folding table.   Amplify your presence and create more engagement with event attendees and guests by allowing CRISP Creative to handle your trade show needs. Our eye catching designs, unique brand activations, innovative displays are always a trade hit.


Hologram Display

Want to stop foot traffic right in front of your booth at a trade show? Need to convey that your company is innovative and in touch with recent tech trends? Maybe you’d like to display your product in a new an engaging way. The answer may be the CRISP Creative hologram display. Our team will create amazing animations displaying your brand message, product or advertising at an event and have your target audience flocking to your space.

Container Projects

CRISP creative has made a splash nationwide  with its container pool project. Our fabrication team was under contract to design mobile event containers for top advertising agencies and their clients. We have been adapting shipping containers to be used as event features since 2015 and now offer this service to our clients directly.

Experiential Marketing with Crisp Creative

Our team at Crisp Creative is made up of creative experts across various fields that are ready to take your brand to the next level. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands to guarantee that their activation, campaign, or event is a complete success.

At Crisp Creative, we believe in crafting memorable brand experiences. In fact, we are a direct creative solution, meaning that not only do we come up with an exceptional concept, but we create the majority of the elements you need in-house. Our highly-qualified creators and developers pool their experience to generate high-engagement solutions for your brand or product. We offer a variety of experiential marketing solutions, including:

  • Tandem bicycle
  • Brandsaic
  • Photo booth activation & installation
  • Cloud machine
  • Pop-up parties
  • Mobile sampling

To learn more about our services, scroll down or contact us at (407) 801-4959.